Toyota 4×4 Classic Pickup

A classic Toyota four by four pickup truck has become a much sought after vehicle for both fun and transportation. They have become a truck that many people enjoy preserving and restoring.

This truck is so versatile that its popularity is beyond question. I have seen them in every configuration, from bad to the bone rock crawlers, to completely stock and used for trips to the grocery store.

You can get decent to exceptional gas mileage depending on your set up. Some swap the engine for powerful larger ones but the stock engines perform just fine for the average owner.

Toyota 4x4 Classic Pickup

Toyota 4x4 Classic Pickup

No matter how you use it, a four by four Toyota makes a statement. There are so many after-market parts available that the combinations are unlimited. You can make your truck look just about any way you can imagine. From chrome bumpers and roll bars, to winches and rows of spotlights, the accessories are too numerous to list.

I get a real thrill every time I see a clean Toyota four by four with running boards and crash bars. With its giant tires that look like they can go anywhere, they are a sight to behold. They also look great right after they emerge from the kind of mud hole that you can’t imagine any vehicle being able to cross.

You can give your Toyota a distinctive look with a small investment at first, and then add on to it as time goes by.

Many owners keep the color stock, while others opt for a total make over. Paint jobs run from basic black to a myriad of custom colors. There is no right or wrong way to paint your truck.

There are as many opinions about how to run your Toyota four by four as there are people driving them.
Elaborate conversions to tires over thirty five inches and cutting the body to accommodate them, are only one of many ways to go if you want your truck to be unique.

You might want to get two Toyota four by fours. One for daily use, and one that you have totally customized for off road only. This is a common occurrence for those bit by the Toyota bug.

A completely stock Toyota four by four looks good to me but I also enjoy seeing the radically customized ones. No matter what configuration you choose to run, it is good to know you have a truck you can depend on for years.

Your love for your Toyota four by four truck can become a way of life. For many, it has become an obsession and their occupation.

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